Ashe County Schools Climate Survey - Parents
My child is enrolled in
I feel welcome in my child's school.
If you answered strongly disagree or disagree to the above question, please tell us why. If you agree or strongly agree, please skip this question.
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I am kept informed about my child's progress and what he/she is learning in school.
I am kept informed about my child's behavior.
I am kept informed about activities like tutoring, after school programs, student performances, parent workshops and other events.
My child's teachers are available to discuss my child's learning needs with me.
I am satisfied with the opportunities for me to be involved in my child's school.
I make sure my child does his or her homework every night.
My child feels safe at school.
Teachers and students respect one another at this school.
Alcohol and drug use is not a problem at this school.
My child is being prepared to do well in the next grade level.
My child is receiving the kind of expectations and instruction that is appropriate for his or her abilities.
The feedback teachers provide on homework and tests helps my child to learn.
The teachers give me useful information about how to help my child.
I possess the skills to aid my child in the areas of reading, language arts and/or mathematics.
If you were to become part of a school planning committee, when are you available to meet?
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If you were to come to a parent training session, when would be the most convenient time to attend?
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The principal makes decisions that are in the best interest of the students.
When you have had an issue or a concern to discuss with a school administrators, he or she was available to talk, listened, and responded to your concerns in a professional manner, whether or not he or she agreed with me.
My child was provided the textbooks and resources needed for classes.
My child's school is clean and well-maintained.
My child participates in the school lunch program.
The school bus my child rides runs on time most days.
My child is not threaten, bullied or cyberbullied at this school.
There is a teacher, counselor or other staff at school that my child can go to for help with a school or personal problem.
Students at my child's school are treated fairly regardless of their race, culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender or disabilities.
My child takes an interest in the activities (student clubs, sports, field trips) offered at this school.
My child is excited to go to school.
This school uses technology effectively to provide information that I need.
How is your family involved in meaningful activities that support students' learning and growth. Please give examples.
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I am proud that my child attends this school.
Please use this space to list any concerns regarding this school.
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