Ohana Tigers Estrada/Hecht 14u Tryout Registration
Ohana Tigers Estrada/Hecht 14u team.

If you would like to tryout for our team, please complete the following information sheet. You will receive an email with a confirmation and tryout times and location. If you have additional questions, please contact Coach Mike below. All inquires will remain confidential.

Thank you.

Coach Mike Hecht
714-606-9966 cell/text
Player's Full Name (First and Last) *
Player's Date of Birth *
What grade is the player in? *
If player is in 9th grade (HS Freshman), what high school and what city?
Player's Primary Position *
This is the position you play most often when you are in games.
What secondary positions does the player play? *
Please check the boxes for positions you play regularly in a secondary role. Regularly means you play that position on a regular or weekly basis and you would be considered the back-up if the primary person was out. This is not every position you have ever played.
Throwing Hand *
Indicate whether the player is right handed or left handed when throwing the ball.
Batting Side *
Indicate whether the player is a right handed or left handed batter. Also indicate if a left handed slapper.
How many years playing travel ball? *
Does the player take private/group lessons? Check all that apply. *
Current and Previous Teams Played for (all inquires will remain confidential) *
Please list the player's current and previous travel teams.
Parent Name (First and Last) *
Parent's Email Address *
Parent's Cell Phone Number *
Any questions you may have or additional information you would like to share? Or you can email or text us at the address at the top of the page.
Thank you for your interest in Ohana Tigers Estrada/Hecht 14u.
You will receive an email confirmation, with tryout times and location.
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