Sache course
Event Timing / fecha del evento: December 21 to 23
Event Address / dirección: Dzamling Gar, Avda Playa Paraiso, Nº38. Playa Paraiso, 38678 Adeje. S.C. Tenerife
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Beginners course on Tibetan geomancy
Sache (sa dpyad) is a field of Tibetan astrology in which the appearance and position of the earth is analyzed.We know that everything that surrounds us is formed of the nature of the five elements and in this discipline the earth is considered to be the most powerful element. The environment in which we live can affect our lives. If, for example, we live in an area that is negative for us, sooner or later we will be attacked by illness, by misfortune, and by the brevity of life. On the contrary, if we find ourselves in a favourable position, we will be surrounded by prosperity, wealth, happiness, long life and good offspring.
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