Garratt Park E-Safety Survey
What do your children do online?
If your child was accessing unsuitable websites, would you know what to do to prevent this?
Are your child's friends the same as their real-life friends?
If your child was being bullied online, would you know how to resolve this?
Do you know what the S.M.A.R.T e-safety rules are?
Do you have clear rules about what information your child can give out on the internet?
Do you know what products are available to monitor, block, and report online activity and abuse?
Do you talk to your children about avoiding unwanted content and emails?
Do you know, and could you teach your child, the privacy and security settings that should be set on social networks such as Facebook?
Are you aware of the LGFL Cyberpass resource available to your child?
Have you checked your child's online setting recently?
Are you aware of how much information your child shares online with their friends?
Have you talked to your child about the dangers of meeting online friends?
Your child is uploading videos to YouTube. Is this a good idea?
Your answer
Have you attended school parents’ meetings about e-safety?
Do you have rules in place to limit the time your child spends on the internet or playing computer games?
Do you feel that you can ask your school's e-safety officer/coordinator for advice regarding e-safety?
Does your son/daughter have a mobile phone that can access the Internet?
Does your son/daughter use social networking?
If your son/daughter has a concern about anything online, does he/she know how to report it?
Which of the following should you do with unpleasant content sent to your child over the internet?
Can you easily monitor what websites your child is visiting?
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