Kingdom of Ealdormere Award Submissions Form
This submission form will forward your award recommendation to the Crown, Heirs, and landed Barons and Baronesses of the Kingdom, so recognition can be given where possible. If you would like to have your recommendation viewed by the Crown only, please email them directly at rather than using this form.
SCA Name *
Recipients Society Name. Please do not use Titles. Please make every effort to use the registered name of the person.
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The Name Of The Person Recommended *
Their real name, first and last.
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Award *
The Award you are recommending. See for a description of the awards.
Group *
Recipients Home Group. If they are primarily active in their barony but not a Canton, list their Barony.
Reason for Award Recommendation *
Please explain why you think they should get this award. If the recommendation is for an arts or science award, please include the specific field you think they should recieve the award in. This can be written very simply or very elaborate, depending on your preference.
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Events Attending
SCA Events they will be attending.
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Some details about their SCA Persona can be helpful.
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Linking a photo can be helpful in Their Majesties award recomendation process. Include a URL to a online image for reference. Suggested source for images of Ealdormereians is
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Your SCA Name
Please give your SCA name, without titles as they interfere with sorting.
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Your Actual Name
Please list your real name.
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Email Address *
Please include your email address in case Their Royal Majesties have any questions.
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Phone Number
Your Phone Number in case Their Royal Majesites have further questions.
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