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Elisabeth (Lisa) van der Wilt is a romance author, consumed with her own little world. All of her works are interconnected into something we call Lisa's World.

Each one is unique and special, therefore upon signing up below to the ARC team, you'll receive an email before receiving a copy containing details about the story. If you don't email back saying: Not interested... you'll be given a copy.

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All works will be given through Prolific Works
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By clicking 'yes' to request an ARC of published works by Elisabeth van der Wilt you are acknowledging that this material is copyrighted material protected by federal copyright laws. Further, by accepting an advanced copy, you agree that you will not distribute, copy, or share your copy with any person or entity. If it is discovered that you have violated this agreement, Elisabeth van der Wilt reserves all legal rights available, including pursuing a lawsuit. Additionally, by accepting an advanced copy, you agree to post a review on or before release date. You also agree to post your review to at least one vendor site. Failure to post on time will result in removal from future opportunities. * *
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