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My Local Token (MLT) is a digital community currency, developed by Traipse PBC in partnership with the Staunton Downtown Development Association (SDDA). This currency is designed to replace the former Downtown Gift Card program run by the SDDA, and to promote Downtown Staunton and its local businesses.

As a participating merchant, you agree to accept Staunton MLT as payment for any goods or services you offer*. (*At this time, please do not accept Staunton MLT as payment for alcoholic beverages or any other age-restricted product or service.) Payments in Staunton MLT can be accepted by a merchant account using the MLT app. Through the app, a merchant requests payment from a customer by entering the amount to be paid and displaying with the app a QR code to be scanned by the customer. Alternatively, the merchant uses the app to scan a card, token, or certificate presented by the customer and deducts the appropriate value. Assuming adequate internet connection, confirmation of the payment should be received by both merchant and customer within 10 seconds. Both merchant and customer can access a transaction history using the app.

In-person training on using the MLT app will be provided as needed prior to listing of your business in the app. In addition, merchants can borrow from Traipse a compatible device to use for processing MLT transactions.

Participating businesses can convert Staunton MLT to US Dollars, using the app to connect a bank account to receive USD deposits resulting from the conversion within one business day. 

You may withdraw from participation at any time by providing Traipse PBC with written notice. Any Staunton MLT received up to that point can be redeemed for USD, with corresponding payments made within one week, either through an electronic payment or check.

Please fill out the below form and we'll be in touch. Contact us at with any questions.
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To accept MLT, you will need a device (tablet or smartphone) that can connect to the internet, that can access a camera, that can run an app on either Android or iOS operating system, and that all your employees have access to. If you don't have such a device we can supply one for the trial. (Supplies limited.) *
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I understand that this involves use of software that is still under development. The developer of this software, Traipse PBC, makes no representations or warranties with respect to its performance, and assumes no responsibility or liability for defects. *
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