Project S A N D box at Hopewell Avenue Public School: Share your views
Project S A N D box is an initiative at Hopewell Avenue Public School to rejuvenate the kindergarten yard.

A group of Hopewell parents and staff are working together to renew the kindergarten yard. Almost 200 kindergarten students play in the space each day so maximizing space and emphasis on all season play elements is essential. The yard suffers drainage issues that create pools of water which freeze and thaw as temperatures change creating dangerous conditions. We want to ensure your views are counted as we enter the design stage.

We are asking that parents and guardians, students and staff provide your feedback below.

If you have questions or want to join our group please contact
1. What do you love about the kindergarten yard?
Your answer
2. What problems or issues do you see in the kindergarten yard?
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3. Play structures are off limits during winter, do you agree with an all-season play yard given the small space?
4. How could the yard design reflect our school's commitment to environmental stewardship?
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5. Share your views on any specific ideas for the yard design?
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