NJCL and NLHS Scholarships Recommendation Form
Thank you for agreeing to be a reference for the scholarship applicant. Please submit this form by June 15th. If you have any questions about this scholarship application, please email Sherry Jankowski, NJCL Programs and Scholastic Services Chair, at programs@njcl.org.
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We realize that no student will be "one of the top few I have encountered" in each category; so, a realistic rating is appreciated for us to better understand this applicant's strengths and areas of improvement. Your personal letter can provide further information.Please leave blank any category for which you no basis for rating.
below average
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academic motivation
warmth of personality
sense of humor
concern for others
tolerance for diversity
emotional maturity
personal initiative
reaction to setbacks
respect for others
personal integrity
enthusiasm for the Classics
Do you foresee this student teaching the Classics or working in a field relating to the ancient world?
Please use this space for your letter of recommendation for the applicant. Describe the student's academic performance, intellectual promise, personal qualities, character, community service, and enthusiasm for the Classics.
All ratings and remarks will remain confidential; your thoughtful consideration is very appreciated by the NJCL Scholarship committee.
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