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New and improved for our convenience! See the MEEHU programming page for more details and instructions.
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Please provide a short biography of the presenter(s) if you have not already done so.
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This description will go on the sign at the door of your classroom. 10-15 words is ideal.
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Please provide a description of your class for the program book/website. This is what people will read when they are trying to decide whether to attend your class!
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Choose the type of class that most closely fits your presentation.
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The typical class length is an hour. There are a limited number of longer class slots available. Longer classes should have a substantial hands-on component. (if time is flexible, pick all that you would be willing to do)
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Special requirements for the class such as time preference, prerequisite classes, special equipment, special room layout, etc. Basically anything MEEHU or the hotel need to know.
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