CUTT 3ygb 2013 booking form 5th - 7th July 2013
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Do you have any of the following dietary requirements?
Do you have any food allergies or intolerances? Or is there anything you really don't want to eat. *
We really need to know if you have a food allergy/intolerance as a medical thing where we can't feed you traces of food as distinct from if there's food you just can't/won't eat for whatever reason.
Please let us know as much as you can about your dietary requirements. *
Be sure to state if it is an actual allergy or intolerance or a dislike. We need to know if we have to avoid putting a trace of something in your dinner that might make you very ill.
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Emergency details
By giving us your medical information, you agree that it will be shared with the organising team, appointed event first aiders and the appointed safety officers for the event if necessary. If there is anything you wish to stay as private as possible, please make this very clear and dp, as the head first aider will be the only person who will see it.
Please inform us of any medical conditions that we should be aware of.
Allergies, injuries, etc.
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