Research Seminar: Frank Pons, Ph.D.

<b>Tuesday, February 14, 2012
2:30 - 4:00pm
Olin Hall 308</b>

Presented during this seminar are two research projects of potential interest for different academic areas. The objective of the seminar is to involve interested USD faculty and to trigger international collaboration between researchers in Europe, Canada and United States.

1. <b>The Role of Ethnic Identity in Creating Value</b>

The Ethnic identity concept has been of interest to multicultural researchers in many fields such as cultural adaptation studies (Berry, 1997), counseling psychology (Cokley, 2007; Phinney & Ong, 2007) or marketing (Laroche, Kim, Tomiuk, & Belisle, 2005). This multidisciplinary and international research project focuses on identifying and analyzing the business processes using ethnic identity as a differentiator. The goal is to apply for (an international) research grant from the Canadian government and to launch the project in summer/fall 2012. The researchers involved so far in the project come from:
• Marketing (branding and selling regional (ethnic) differences, consumers perceptions of regional (Ethnic) products), CANADA (3 Universities) and FRANCE (1 University)
• Entrepreneurship (Mentoring and starting ethnic (regional) businesses), CANADA (3 Universities).
• Organizational Behavior (impact on HR to include regional (ethnic) differences), CANADA (3 Universities) and FRANCE (1 University).

2. <b>Sport Business: The Evolving Role of Sponsorship and Activation</b>

Sponsorship has been playing a major role in the marketing mix of diverse companies over the years. In 2007, the worldwide estimated sponsorship spending represented more than $37 billion (Cornwell 2008) and around 66% of this amount is devoted to sporting events (IEG 2006). In recent years, some companies have decided to build an aggressive sponsorship program to conquer consumers. Despite the growing presence of companies in a variety of events, the omnipresence of diverse sponsors has rarely been investigated. In this research, this gap will be examined to study the impact of the ubiquity of sponsors on consumers’ responses.
In addition to ubiquity, other trends (such as the growing role of activation programs) have surfaced in the sport business area. This presentation will highlight current and future work and will seek to foster partnership with USD faculty to work on cross-functional areas or other contexts to strengthen the project and apply for grant support from international sport agencies (UEFA, Olympic Committee) and Canadian grant agencies.

Frank Pons is a Full Professor of Marketing at Laval University (Québec, Canada). His research interests include consumer behaviour, services and sports marketing with an emphasis on cross-cultural issues. His research has appeared in such publications as the Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Service Research, Journal of Business Research, Psychology and Marketing, or Sport Marketing Quarterly.

Frank is also the case editor of the International Journal of Sport Marketing and Sponsorship as well as an editorial review board member of the Journal of Business Research. In addition, he has been guest editing several issues for sport marketing journals and served as the Marketing Division Chair for the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada (ASAC). Frank has received several research and teaching awards and he has taught in different countries including the United States, Spain, Canada, Lebanon and France. His latest research focuses on branding and sponsoring issues in professional sports. He has been quoted as an expert in several publications for his work on the National Hockey League and professional soccer.

<i>Hosted by the Ahlers Center for International Business; refreshments served.</i>

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