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The weekly 1:1 support
The Photoshoot in Nature
Knowing yourself on a deeper level
Exploring and accepting with how you look
Cultivating new self-care practices
Body blessing ceremony
Having a beautiful selection of photos
What is your current relationship like with yourself and your body? *
What makes now the right time to make changes to how you see yourself?  *
What would you like support with through this process? (ie. a limiting belief, physical pain, an emotional block, feeling not good enough, feeling ashamed or disconnected from your body etc.)
Do you have any parts of your body that you have disowned or are ashamed of? *
What things would you do if you felt safe enough in your own skin that you don't do right now?
Have you experienced any of the following : anxiety / depression / borderline or any other mental health conditions? Past or preset. 
Have you worked with a EFT Tapping Practitioner before?
 Are you working with any other practitioners right now? Like a psychologist , Chinese medicine doctor, energy worker of any kind? If so what and for how long? 
How committed are you to your personal growth? 
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If you aren't living in Berlin, Germany. Do you plan to come to Berlin for your Photoshoot? *
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