Featured Educator of the Day
Sharing educators' experience on the ground with students is an incredibly powerful tool while advocating to lawmakers for more school funding and school improvements. OEA shares (and hand-delivers to 90 lawmakers) one Featured Educator every day during legislative session. These stories make a HUGE impact.

Please answer the following questions. If you are selected, OEA staff will follow up with you to hear more about your experience and finalize the piece that will be shared.

These stories will be shared in the Capitol via email and hard copy, as well on OEA social media and website. All student names and identifying information will be changed to protect their privacy.

** we do not accept anonymous stories, because this project is about featuring educators and their experience **

You can see examples of prior story projects here: https://medium.com/@oregoned

Questions? Please email milana.grant@oregoned.org.

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What is your role at your school or worksite? (Examples: 1st grade teacher, middle school instructional aide, custodian, community college faculty, school counselor) *
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Initial Interview Questions
Please be descriptive and specific. The more concrete your story, the more effective and powerful it is as an advocacy tool. Don't be afraid to write a lot! We will help edit down into a final document.
How long have you been an educator? What made you want to become an educator?
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Please give a concrete example or two of a time when more resources would have enabled you to better serve a student/students? What opportunities have been lost due to lacking $?
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Does your school offer any of the following supports to your students: mental healthcare, resources to get healthcare, food banks, backpack programs, etc? If yes, how do these supports impact the students you work with?
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What are some of the biggest barriers or hardships that your students are facing? How are you able or unable to address those in your work?
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What has been the impact on your students from lost programs, lost support staff, and other missing opportunities due to continued disinvestment in our schools? (Example: Jane is a fourth grader with a speech impediment. Because there is only one part time speech path at our school, she isn't getting the support she needs to reach her full potential.)
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If you could tell your state representative or the governor one thing about how funding effects your students' education, what would it be?
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Other Topics
While many of our featured educator stories will focus on funding and missing resources, we will also share stories focused on these additional areas. Please include any thoughts or experiences you have on these topics you have below!

• Equity and racial justice in education
• Class size and caseload
• School safety and gun violence in schools (including gun violence prevention, such as active shooter drills)
• Out of pocket costs to educators on school supplies, etc
• Restoring specialist positions like counselors/psychologists, nurses, librarians, and other important support staff

Anything else you'd like to share?
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