2021 Job Application Form for Field Technician

Big corporations treat you like a number or worse. Here at My Guy Services we treat you like a family!

We care if you are able to build a great life for your family: get married, buy a home, go on vacations, provide for your children.

We care if you can get full time hours and excellent pay and tips, the highest in town. Why? Because our staff is the reason why we are the best exterior cleaning cleaning company in Indianapolis, won multiple awards, and are beloved by our clients.

We do work super hard and have high performance standards - you won't need that gym membership.

All employment applications are processed in 3 easy steps:

1. Once we receive your application send a video on why you want to work for My Guy Services. Text your video application to 317-840-5150

2. After we receive your application and video we will call you for a brief interview.

3. If you a pass the Phone interview, we will schedule you for an in-person interview and a test job with a supervisor. Here we can evaluate if you will be a good fit as a My Guy Services team member!

Some of our members have never professionally cleaned in their life, so cleaning experience is not required. We train you to make sure you can succeed.
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Do you have a valid drives license? *
Can you pass a full background check and a drug test? * We take this very seriously. Not at what your past holds, but how honest you are on your application. Failure to disclose anything on a background check means that we will stop your hiring process. Our background check typically goes back 25+ years. Background check includes DUI and DWI and DUIs and DWIs must be included on your application if applicable. You do not need to include minor traffic violations including: speeding, broken tail light, improper lane change, failure to yield right-of-way, etc. Our full drug test may include either hair follicle or fingernail tests. We may test all drugs which are illegal or abused in the United States. *
If there is anything you would like us to know before we run your background check please explain below.
Can you provide proof of legal authorization to work in USA? *
Are you able to work full time plus overtime? Overtime may include weekends *
Are you able to preform the tasks associated with cleaning houses including, but not limited to: standing for 8 hours, walking for long periods of time, bending, kneeling, and lifting 50 pounds? *
Do you have any allergies, asthma, or similar condition which would make it difficult to work? *
Are you afraid of heights? *
Last Employment. Please indicate the name of your last employer, contact information, job title and description of your duties. *
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Another Prior Employment
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Clear selection
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Do you agree that My Guy Services may run a background check, drug test, and check your prior employment history? *
Do you agree that the employment with My Guy Services is "at will" and does not guarantee any specific time period? *
Do you understand that any misrepresentation, omission, or falsification on this application will be grounds for immediate termination? *
Do you understand that we may add you to our employee FB group and also photograph you for our cool social media shoutouts? *
Our Core Values
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