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A note on Hire a Musician: the school of music serves as a middle ground between clients and musicians, matching students to ideal gigs. 100% of payment for services goes to the musician. As such, the intent of this questionnaire is to evaluate the Hire a Musician program as a whole, NOT the individual performances of players. Your answers will have NO bearing on the future distribution of gigs to specific musicians or ensembles. If you have specific feedback for an individual performance or musician, you may indicate that in the special comments field.
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The MU School of Music does not endorse nor enforce written contracts undertaken by referred students. However, we encourage our musicians to clearly communicate the terms of a performance. Your answer will NOT affect future gig assignments or gig requests from repeat clients.
Did your musician(s) adhere to the terms of the performance, whether written in a contract, agreed upon verbally, or otherwise?
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