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Sleepover Rates
What We Provide
- Enclosure (unless space is limited, we may request a cage be provided)
- Appropriate stable diet and access to water
- Fresh food on a weekly schedule
- Clean litter boxes
- Social out of cage time, if tolerated
- Medication distribution as needed
- Grooming as requested
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Please double-check your spelling. All correspondences will be done via emaill.
How many animals will be needing services? *
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We do NOT board rabbits unless they have been adopted through our rescue. This is due to limited space.
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What is the name and location of your vet? *
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This is someone else we are able to contact if we are unable to get a hold of you. Such as spouse, family member, neighbor etc.
When space allows, we are able to take in animals for boarding. We ONLY accept small exotic animals, birds, reptiles, those in cages/enclosures. Occasionally we can take in cats but NO DOGS. Depending on availability, we may ask that their cage be provided. We ask that their food is provided to ensure we are not adding any stress or unnecessary changes to their diet.
In-Home Sitting
Depending on your location, we can provide pet sitting services in your own home! This eases the stress of having to bring them to another facility while you are away. Although we do NOT stay overnight, we do daily check ins where we will come to your home, stay one hour each to feed, water, and spend time with your pets.
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We will request a $20 holding deposit via PayPal or Venmo. Please write which agency you use and your username. *
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