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Thank you for contributing to this database! Please share resources that provide choral/vocal sheet music in the range of $0-$1 per copy, or name-your-own-price. Feel free to leave blank any fields for which you lack information. Please fill out this form separately for each resource you would like to add. Entries are anonymous unless you leave contact information. Thank you for your contribution!

To contribute resources that do not fit these questions, please e-mail
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Difficulty level(s)--please check all that apply. Beginner = minimal sight singing or vocal skills, limited vocal ranges; Easy-intermediate= simple part writing, limited ranges; Intermediate = increasing complexity of parts, manageable by a good middle school or high school choir; Advanced = good community or college choir; top high school choir; Professional =very complicated part-writing and harmonic motion.
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Any other resources (e.g., sample recordings on the website, accompaniment tracks available, etc.)
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The rest of the questions pertain to copyright licensing  for this resource. If you have no information, please skip to the end and submit. Thank you for your contribution!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    -------------------------------------------------------                                                                                                   Please provide any links regarding copyright information or licensing information for this resource.
If known, please note if this resource is covered by any of the Performing Rights Organizations (PROs).
Please describe other known details regarding licensing-e .g., how to request licensing and any known rates or protocols for various license types including synchronization (video/audio), print (reproducing lyrics or music for any purpose), permission to arrange, mechanical (audio-only recordings), etc.
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