PortConMaine 2018 Volunteer Staff Application
Incomplete applications will be ignored.

Applications for positions already filled will be denied automatically. Make sure to check the website for filled positions BEFORE applying. Thank you! Here is the staff listing: http://portconmaine.com/site/index.php/staff/

Please fill out applications completely and accurately. Thank you for your interest in staffing! Responses should be back to you within a week or two of your application. If you don't understand what a position does feel free to ask the staff on the facebook social group or email info@portconmaine.com for a better description.

Staff at PortConMaine volunteer their time during the event. For more information, including volunteering benefits, please view the volunteer staff information pages at http://portconmaine.com/site/index.php/staff/.
There is a separate form for chairs- if you are a chair, or want to be one if there is an open position, contact info@portconmaine.com for that link.

Name *
Please include first and last preferred name.
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Your Email *
Please double check to make sure this is accurate. Make sure you spell it correctly. Also: please only use an email you will check on a regular basis.
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Secondary Email
If you have a secondary email for contact purposes please list it here.
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Phone Number *
Please double check for accuracy.
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City, State *
What city and state do you come from?
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Age? *
You must be 18 years or older to staff PortConMaine.
Staff Position Desired *
Please select the department you wish to work for. Make sure the position you desire is open by visiting the PortConMaine website listing at: http://www.portconmaine.com/web/index.php/staff/staff-list
Secondary Position Desired *
If your first choice is full, which other position would you be interested in?
Special Position Notes
If you selected other, please explain here.
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Rationale for Application & Past Experience *
Why are you applying to staff and what prior experience do you have with the position(s) you applied for and/or convention experience.
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Guest Relation Staff Information
GUEST RELATION STAFF ONLY: If applying to be on guest relation staff please list experience dealing with guests here. Guest relation staff are expected to be able to drive, have a license and car, dress in a professional manner, and get reimbursed for paid meals out with guests. Guest relation staff are expected to be more professional in appearance and manner when taking guests outside of the convention. Please indicate any and all reasons why you would fit this position.
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Gaming Staff Information
If you are applying for a gaming position (CCGs, Board Games, RPGs, or Miniatures, Video Games) please list the games and/or systems you feel most comfortable running/supporting.
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References *
Please provide at least 2 references- their names and phone numbers or emails for contact.
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Are you first aid certified? *
Our first aid staff are "on call" during the convention. If you are certified and comfortable with being called in case of an emergency, please tell us here.
Is this your first year staffing? *
Is this your 10th year staffing? *
Records will be checked as well.
Your T-Shirt Size *
This will be used to order your staff t-shirt.
Will you need a staff room? *
We use this data to plan on rooms we get for staff. Please be as honest as possible- it can also change closer to con as needed. Rooms are given on a first come, first serve basis with a focus on chairs and staffers from afar. Please read our staff page for more details: http://www.portconmaine.com/web/index.php/staff
Emergency Contact *
Please list someone we should contact during the convention in the case of an emergency.
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Relationship to Emergency Contact *
Please let us know who the above contact is in relationship to you. Parent, sibling, close friend, etc.
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Emergency Contact Number *
Please list their contact phone number. Please double check for accuracy.
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Food Allergies
Please let us know if you have any food allergies. This information is shared only with chairs and the staff room chair- to make sure we have options for everyone. Thank you!
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Additional Information
Is there anything we need to know that hasn't been covered above? Do you have any special needs that would need to be met weekend of? Please let us know here.
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Thank you for your intent to staff PortConMaine!
Thank you for your interest in volunteering for PortConMaine! We reserve the right to accept or deny any application and to revoke staff privileges if necessary at any time if policies are broken or in the event of a "no show."

We will email you shortly with a response. All staff are expected to work 15-20 hours during the convention. All staff are expected to contact their chairs in the event of not being able to staff the convention. Rules & policies regarding staffing can be found on the staff forums once access is granted. If you do not respond to the emails of your chair or other convention chairs, you will be removed from staff. Please make sure whatever emails you listed above are the appropriate ones to contact you by.

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