Racial Justice Survey for UUFA
We find ourselves in tumultuous times with seismic shifts in opinion on such matters as "How much should our police resemble our military?" and "When calling for reform, what language should we use?" We would like to know what all members of the Fellowship think about these issues. Since all options can't be captured in these few questions, please use the text box to give nuance to your answer.
For further information, contact Morgan Henry: 108thsage@gmail.com.
1. What does the term Black Lives Matter mean to you?
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2. The Black Lives Matter movement first sprang up around the exoneration of George Zimmerman (July 2013) and the killing of Michael Brown (August 2014). What was your general impression of the Black Lives Matter campaign at that time?
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Has that impression changed? If so, when, how and why?
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3. How should we, as a congregation, support change in these times? Please give details on both methods and specific changes you feel are needed. If there are concerns about certain statements or actions being too dangerous, please elaborate (specifically in the areas of police reform and/or displaying a Black Lives Matter banner).
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4. Do you think our congregation has a moral obligation to our 1st and 2nd principles to stand publicly and visibly with the Black Lives Matter movement by using the phrase Black Lives Matter publicly?
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5. Regardless of your views, if such a decision is reached by the congregation to stand publicly and visibly with Black Lives Matter, do you have any concerns you would like to express?
6. What other information/thoughts/reactions would you like to share?
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