Survey of the Ukrainian Community in the USA
The Sociological laboratory of the Sociology department at Ukrainian Catholic University in collaboration with the Research Committee of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in the USA conducts a research among the members of Ukrainian communities in the US (Chicago, New York, Pittsburgh, Tucson).The research is being commenced between August 12 and 27, 2019. The goal of our research is to bring to light in what ways are people drawn to the UGCC in the US and what makes them leave UGCC. The research is being conducted as a series of the in-depth interviews, recorded on the dictaphone. Each interview would take about an hour and would be conducted by the lecturers of the sociology department at Ukrainian Catholic University. Your information would remain strictly confidential (the researcher would sign a document stating so beforehand). The research is extremely important both from the scholarly standpoint and as an opportunity to communicate with Ukrainians abroad about their everyday life. If you would kindly agree to take part in this project, please fill in the short google-form so the researchers would be able to contact you.
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