TAILWAGGERS Temperament Test Appointment
133 N Ohio Ave ● Wichita, KS 67214
(316) 221-1163
This is a free assessment we do with your dog, at our facility, both in your presence and alone. We want to be sure your angel of a puppy gets along with other well-mannered dogs, and our staff. Often, a dog's demeanor changes, for better or worse, upon realization their owner has left them. For puppies younger than 6-8 months, this can often be skipped, as you still have time to shape temperament, break bad behaviors, and encourage positive social interaction with a variety of dog personalities. You can expect to hear from us within 48 hours. If you need to reach us sooner please call!
What do I need to bring? - Bring your dog, on leash, and their vaccination records from your veterinarian. Be prepared to leave your dog in our care for a couple of hours. We prefer you leave them all day, at no charge, as we can make a more thorough assessment.
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