Survey of the impact of the presence of microplastics in marine ecosystem
This questionnaire aims to understand your opinion on plastic/ microplastic pollution in your marine ecosystem which could potentially affect the fisheries sector.

Marine litter is a global challenge and society plays an important role via lifestyles and behaviour, including policy support.

The socio-economic costs associated with marine litter are increasing, and it is thought to interfere with a range of ecosystem services including fisheries. Whilst there is substantial scientific literature on the abundance, physical causes and impacts of marine litter, little research to date has examined the public's views on both the problem and the potential solutions. With this questionnaire we want to find out if the perception and willingness of people buying seafood is affected by plastic pollution. These findings will be important for communications and interventions to reduce inputs of marine litter to the natural environment and to safeguard certain services like fisheries.

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