Open Minds Counselling Referral Form ADULTS (18+)

Please take some time to read this Working Agreement and Referral Form carefully.

If there is anything that you are not sure about please email our admin team at, or phone us on 07765224564.

Open Minds currently offer 10 sessions of online, telephone or in person counselling.

This form will serve as an explanation of how this approach works.

This also forms your contract, outlining the support that you agree to if you choose to press submit at the end of the form.

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Who is completing this form? *
If you are not the client, what is your relationship to them? Please write N/A if you are the client *
If you are not the client, do they give you consent to complete this form on their behalf? *
About You
The questions below will give us the information we need in order to best support you
Client's Name (full name please) *
Client's preferred name if different to the above *
Client's DATE OF BIRTH (day, month, year)  *
Telephone number preferred for text reminders and contact from our administrative team when booking appointments. Please let us know whose phone number this is. *
Phone number on which you wish us to contact the client for telephone counselling *
Email address *
Client's Home Address *
Please provide an emergency contact name and phone number below (for us to contact this person if we felt you or someone else were in danger)
Your registered Medical Practice (GP surgery) *
Appointments for Telephone and Video call therapy are available Monday to Thursday 10am to 7pm.
Please be aware that for video or telephone call therapy you need a private, quiet space in which you can talk to the counsellor.                                                                                  
Appointments for in person counselling are available for adults on Thursdays and for children on Saturdays 10am to 2pm.
Please be aware that for in person therapy you must attend your appointment at 28 Christchurch Road, Doncaster, DN12QL.                                                                    
When are you available for therapy? *
Please indicate your preferred approach to therapy *
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No thank you
I would like online counselling through video-call
I would like telephone counselling
I would like in person face to face counselling
I would like in person Art Therapy
We also have an art therapist available IN PERSON on Wednesdays and Saturdays 10am - 2pm. 

Art Therapy has a shorter waiting list than traditional counselling. 

Art therapy works similarly to counselling in that the therapist uses counselling skills to talk through the issues affecting you, but the difference is they use creative activities, such as painting, drawing or others, in order to help you explore the things of concern to you. 

Please indicate below to show if you would be interested in art therapy.  *
Yes please
No thank you
I would like in person Art Therapy (Wednesday 10am - 2pm)
I would like in person Art Therapy (Saturday 10am - 2pm)
If accessing online or telephone counselling: what address will you be at when the counsellor contacts you? Please remember to include house numbers and post code *
Do you prefer a male or female counsellor? *
Where did you find out about Open Minds please? *
What are the main issues you wish to discuss during therapy? *
What experiences in your life (recently or in the past) have caused you distress that you might want to discuss during therapy? *
What relationship difficulties (if any) might want to discuss during therapy? *
What behaviours might you want to change through therapy? *
What diagnoses of physical or mental illnesses do you have and what treatment are you receiving? *
Have you (the client) attempted suicide? *
In what ways have you tried to hurt yourself or end your life? *
When were these attempts made? *
Please give us more information about your suicide attempt *
Open Minds are part of an alliance of organisations who work together to improve people's lives. 

This Crisis Alternatives Alliance members are Doncaster Mind, DRASACS, the HIU Service, IMP;ACT, and Safe Space. 

Occasionally Open Minds may identify that our clients might benefit from additional support, and would like permission to discuss with alliance members whether they can provide this support. 

This does not mean you have to access any support that you are offered. 
The IMP;ACT Team provide support to people who have attempted suicide. Please indicate below if we have your consent to refer you to IMP;ACT, alongside counselling, where appropriate. 

This does not mean you have to work with the IMP;ACT service, only that they have permission to contact you to offer more support if applicable. 
In what ways have you self-harmed or felt suicidal in the last 2 weeks? *
In what ways have you been violent towards other people and how recently was this?   *
Is there anything else you would like to add?
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