Xeshaire's Art Form
Below you is the form required to work with your commission! This is to avoid confusion and get the details needed from you! ^_^ If you would like multiple slots, please fill in this form for each slot!

Head: Neck up.
Bust: Waist-up with arms and tail.
Fullbody: The entire body unless a certain scene may look better with some cropped.

* NSFW does not cost extra.
* Extra characters cost extra, fees are listed under the title of each commission type.
* Winged characters add 10% of the total due to more complexity.
* Same for very complicated characters with pattern or accessories will result 10% extra.

Terms: http://www.cawstumes.com/artwork/terms-of-service/

Media Link *
Link to your Twitter, FA or other account. I will use FurAffinity or Twitter only for contact, no Telegram or Discord.
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Email Address *
This is for establishing contact if I can't reach you at the above option.
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Character reference(s) *
Must be a visual reference, no description.
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