Mission Team Request
Use this form to request a mission team for next year... Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall - whenever. No guarantee of a team, but will try to get one for you. YOU MUST spell out a follow up plan to the team's visit... i.e. How will you follow up with those impacted by the team and how will you follow up with the team itself?
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What construction needs do you have?
What other needs for a team do you have [i.e. VBS, sports camps, evangelism projects, backyard bible clubs, community prayer walking, surveys, etc.]?
What are the tentative dates you would like a team to come and assist? *
What facilities for lodging are available for the team?
How many in your congregation will help with the project? These teams come to partner and not simply do all the work.
Are there showers available?
Can you provide meals for the team while they serve your church?
What is your follow up plan if you receive a team?
Any additional information or comments you wish to give?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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