Units Non-Cohort Form Application for May-Aug21 Session ONLY
This form is only to be used to request for units registration that are not in your cohort but are on offer after consultations with your H.O.D. Each unit is to be selected and submitted independently.
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Read the following registration of non-cohort unit regulations. 1. You missed to do the unit you are requesting for when it was on offer in your cohort. 2. You are repeating or retaking the unit after failing supplementary (FF) as is the policy. 3. The unit is in a different year/semester. 4. You have exceeded the full years of study. e.g A 4 YEAR PROGRAMME creating a session for 5th year, 3 year programme creating a session for 4th year etc. 5. You have created a session for May-August21 in your portal. 6. You have consulted your HOD and sure that the unit is on offer. *
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