COSCUP 2020 Call for Participants 合作社群招募
For communities applied for a Community Room/Booth before: The rule is about the same, we just add a special kind of Community Tracks for you to help COSCUP hosting a track in which the topic was decided.

給以前有申請過的夥伴:規則大致相同,不過今年有「COSCUP 指定主題議程軌」也提供參與,選擇申請項目時請留意。

Before submitting this form, please read and agree with the rules first:

You will get a copy of your response with this email address, let you review or modify your response before the deadline.

Please prepare the following information to fill the form:

* About your community: name, a brief intro especially on how the community related to FLOSS, logo file, supporting information like URL to website or SNS group.
* Contact info. of coordinators: name, email address, mobile number, Telegram username. We need 2 coordinators for each application.
* For booths: what's your goal and what you will prepare for the booth.
* For tracks: name & a brief intro of the track. If you are applying to host a track with a COSCUP-defined topic, we would love to hear your idea to make the track wonderful.

**You will need to fill the form twice if you wanna apply for a track AND a booth.**

Email address *
Name of your community *
社群名稱. Will be published on
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Brief intro. of your community *
社群介紹。Markdown format is best; Sometimes an URL to the About page of the community's website will do the work. Will be published on
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Logo of your community *
Logo file URL. AI or SVG file is the best; sometimes a large PNG file will do the work. Will possibly be published on
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Other supporting information
We only accept applications from FLOSS-related communities, be sure to provide enough information to tell us how your community related to the Free/Libre Open Source Software movement. (Check or contact for questions.) 我們僅接受與自由軟體/開源運動相關的社群投遞申請,您可在此提供更多資訊說明您的社群與此運動的相關性。如有疑義可參考 或聯絡
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What do you want to apply for? *
Application deadline for Community Room before March 9th, Application deadline for Community Booth before June 1st.
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