JCCS Brand Ambassadors
Thank you for your interest in being one of our brand ambassador!
All profiles must be submitted by 20th Jan 2021.

We are excited to review your profile and potentially have you join our small team for 2021.

Here's what you need to know about being a JCCS brand ambassador and the perks of joining us :
1) Being a JCCS brand ambassador means that you believe in what we do and love our products especially our handmade watercolours AKA JCCS colours.
2) As a JCCS brand ambassador, you will be entitled to accumulate store credits for every successful referral from your audience. You will be able to use these store credits to purchase any items in our store.
3) You will be given some products quarterly to use as part of being the brand ambassador to bring awareness of our products to your audience and provide contents that educate your audience on the usage of our products.
4) A JCCS brand ambassador will have opportunities to work closely with Joee (owner of Joee Cheong Creative Studio and artist at Byjoeecheong) to plan marketing strategies and build stationery collection and/or watercolour palettes.

More details will be sent to you if you are successfully chosen to represent our brand after we have reviewed all profiles submitted within the time frame. You may then carefully consider before agreeing to commit as our ambassador.

Are you in?? If you are, here's some basic requirements that you'll need to be able to meet before submitting your profile.
- You must have an active profile and audience on Instagram (at least 500 followers and growing)
- You must be able to create bi-weekly contents with our products as a brand ambassador
- You must not currently be a brand ambassador for another brand
- You must own a JCCS colour/palette
- You must be of age 21 and above to represent our brand (If you are below 21 years old, you need to have your parents consent)
- You must currently and will reside in Malaysia Or Singapore for the duration of the engagement
Email address *
Name and Instagram Handle (eg: Joee Cheong - @byjoeecheong) *
Contact Information (mobile number and email) *
Date of Birth *
Which of our JCCS colour palette(s) do you currently own? (you'll be required to verify this if chosen) *
Which state of Malaysia are you residing in? *
Tell us about why you would like to be our brand ambassador and what you love about us? *
What value can you add to our brand? Describe your experience and skills or what you're passionate about. *
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