Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation Board Application
Please fill out all fields to the best of your abilities. This application is open until July 31st 2021. If the committee is interested in interviewing you, it will be in touch by August 15th.

For more information about the organization, the board and the position, please visit bit.ly/JCBoardInfo21

Click here for more information about the qualifications:https://docs.google.com/document/d/11U-5ZF8dulD2R7uGeQ3ekCjfhLHcxqE0gt6rAMX09vo/edit?usp=sharing
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In addition to your interest in the JCNI Board, would you be interested in participating in a committee of the board as a volunteer? These committees are comprised of board and community members and discuss key areas important to the community and the organization’s mission. The committees help provide insight and feedback activities of the organization. Please indicate your interest below. Joining these committees is separate from joining the board, though in the future, board members will be drawn primarily from these committees. For more info on the types of work these committees take on, see the following links: https://www.jacobscenter.org/areas-of-focus/place/redevelopment, https://www.jacobscenter.org/areas-of-focus/programs/local-economy/
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