KIPPCorps Internship Application
You must be enrolled as a full-time college student to be eligible for KIPPCorps. Incomplete applications will not be considered for the position. We only have 6 open spots. Interviews will be held on September 6th from 1-5:00.
KIPPCorps will place 16 local college alumni in our 11 KIPP New Orleans Schools. We only have 6 open spots this year! Interviews will be held on September 6th from 1-5:00. Alumni will largely be focused on tutoring and mentoring, while also supporting the school with extra curriculars and operations. Alumni will be allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours a week at $11/hr. For more information on the roles or any questions please reach out to Mrs. Cornelius at or 504-598-6608.
Do you attend college in New Orleans?
Do you need money to pay for daily expenses?
Do you want to work less and earn more money?
Do you want to make an impact in the community?

If yes, then KIPPCorps is for you!
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