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Right now, the beginners' courses for Q1 and Q2 are filled. We are not sure yet when we'll hold a next beginners' course, but you can sign up below to be notified when we do.

You will not recieve an email until we plan our next course. We also cannot always offer the oppertunity to join a training, so if you visit (which you always can during training hours), we may have to deny your request to join. Keep this in mind before visiting.

Please note that it's required for beginners in archery (thus not applying to archers who have shot at another club before) to join this course before being able to join Da Vinci.

Please also note that you are required to be a student at the TU/e, Fontys or DAE, or in possession of a valid sportcard from the Student Sports Center Eindhoven to join Da Vinci, or any courses/activities we offer.

If you have any questions, please send an email to secretary@eshdavinci.nl

I am a beginner and I want to join the next course
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I am not a student
If you are not a student, you can look at OGIO1864 at ogio.cc.
I have already shot at another club before
Please send an email to secretary@eshdavinci.nl, explaining your situation, and we will invite you to join a training to sign up.
Other reasons
Please send an email to secretary@eshdavinci.nl
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