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Welcome! By filling out this form, you will sign up for ELTP Season 11 or ENLTP Season 4. We will ask for some basic information, as well as your general availability during the season.

You can sign up until February 25th. The draft will take place a week or two after the deadline, after which you will hear on which ELTP or ENLTP team you will be playing.

More information can be found on

What is your TagPro username? *
This does NOT have to be your reserved name, however you are required to use it in all ELTP/ENLTP matches you play.
If you have ever played in ELTP or ENLTP before using a different name, please state it here
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This is the 24-symbol string at the end of the URL of your profile page, which can be found by pressing "View Profile" on (eg. 53ee190c6160d3017ffd6658). If you don't have a TagPro account, please create one using your Google account.
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Reddit is the main method of communication used in the leagues, and captains will need this to contact you after the draft. If you do not have a Reddit account yet, you can register one for free at
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