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Mindfulness helps get rid of disturbing thoughts and emotions. *
I am keen on multitasking, as it allows me to accomplish a lot of tasks. *
I am unaware of the ways that I am impulsive. *
When I do something that doesn’t meet my expectations, I give myself a hard time. *
I am easily distracted. *
I have problems dealing with stressful situations. *
I find that I am uncomfortable being around people who need help. *
When someone is talking, I have trouble putting my own thoughts aside and giving them my full attention. *
When I’m concerned about something, it doesn’t occur to me that my thoughts might not be true. *
I am often preoccupied, and miss what is going on around me. *
When my thoughts overtake me and I feel worried, I don’t know how to pause or interrupt this pattern. *
I can’t imagine getting through a day without my cell phone. *
After I “send” an important e-mail or text, I often regret what I wrote. *
When I have difficult thoughts or feelings, I tend to avoid facing them for as long as I can. *
When I’m working on something, it’s difficult to differentiate between priorities and tasks that could be done later. *
I tend to have a lot of ideas that never get implemented, and I don’t know what to do about this. *
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