Letter from Church Ministers and Christian Leaders to UK Prime & First Ministers
This letter is to call on the government to refrain from socially damaging restrictions in the attempt to restrain the Coronavirus, and particularly to call on them not to close churches again. The aim is to both to influence government decisions and also to have an evangelistic effect, showing the concern we have for people and the hope and confidence and life-giving relationships in the church.

We invite ministers and other leaders to sign in a personal capacity, though it will help to know which churches they serve and any ecclesiastical office or denominational or other positions held, past and present. To sign, provide your details below.

We hope the letter will be carried by one of the mainstream press publications. Signatories (though not contact information) will be made public and will be updated on here regularly.

Click here to see the letter and signatories https://ministersletter.wordpress.com/the-letter/
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