Paranormal Romance Lovers' Amazon Ads Services Questionnaire
Hello there and thanks for your interest in our Amazon Ads service!

Amazon Ads is a great way for authors to not only market their books to fans of the Paranormal Romance genre but to also generate sales- if done correctly.

Our Amazon Ads service can help authors by setting up Amazon Ads campaigns for authors to run and manage, managing their current Amazon Ads campaign, or we can create an Amazon Ad campaign from scratch and manage it for the duration of the campaign.

Below you will find a short questionnaire. These questions will help us put a more personalized response together in regards to how we can help you in regards to your Amazon Ads plan(s). We will get back in touch with you using the email you provide below.

This is no-obligation assumed by filling the form out. It'll just help us determine what you are interested in and how we might be able to help.

As for us, we offer 5+ years in online marketing including running and managing PPC and CPC ad campaigns (which is the basis for Amazon Ads). We charge $25 per hour and we offer per hour billing or project based billing. Our rates are very affordable compared to other services offering the same services.

Thanks for not only visiting but also for filling out the questionnaire. We'll be in touch with you within 72-hours of submitting your answers.

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