NWM Embedded Role Ticket
We recognize that it takes a lot of Lion Dollars to experience the magic, but we want you there! Here's a chance to participate at a reduced cost.

We are accepting applications for those who are interested in attending and playing an "embedded role," either as a student or as a professor.

What is an "Embedded Role"?

An embedded role ticket is similar to the full-priced ticket, in that you will be role-playing as the same character all weekend, one that you are comfortable playing and have designed together with a character coach.

The difference is that these roles exist to help fill a purpose for the event. An embedded role is cast to balance the overall plot and gameplay and drive the story forward. Those who are in an embedded role will also pass information to Ops on how the game is progressing and how players are interacting with storylines.

How is an Embedded Role different from an NPC?

NPCs at our events fulfill short scene requests and plot elements as needed, returning to Ops to change costumes for a new character for the next scheduled scene. The player of an Embedded Role will play the same character throughout the event, and may be asked to lead specific scenes or create certain plot points as necessary. Beyond those scripted spots, Embedded Role players can do whatever they like and portray the character to their own interpretation.

Your character will be a living, breathing person in the world of the Magimundi, but they will be filling certain roles that help push along the plot or tone of the event. If you're up for it, you could be given an Unsoiled bully, or someone who is going to get caught in an illegal activity, or a bullied Mundane-born who buys into the Unsoiled supremacy ideals.

Basically, you'll be playing our "moles" in the event, helping to make sure that it all culminates to an explosive ending.

Do Embedded Roles help with set up and strike the way NPCS do?

No. Embedded Roles are not expected to help with either set up or strike. Embedded Roles are not staff. You are a player. Bring yourself, your costume, and your flair for the dramatic.

The embedded role ticket costs $495, and is all-inclusive. That means lodging is included with the ticket.

We have a limited number of these tickets. Applications are due no later than midnight EST on July 17, 2019. If you are selected, we will work with you one on one to develop a character that you're excited to play.

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