Radical Accountability Council (RAC) Self-Nomination
Your application (aside from contact info and other questions specifically noted) will be reviewed by the current members of the RAC and, if selected, presented publicly on the Principle Zero Website in advance of a vetting period and confirmation vote. This is your opportunity to let our community learn more about you and your unique qualifications. You don't have to answer every question, but the more you answer the clearer the picture you'll provide. Some questions may overlap a bit - no need to be redundant if you feel you've already provided an adequate response. Be as concise as possible.

Before you submit, please KEEP A COPY OF YOUR STATEMENT for your own records.

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I have thoroughly read and familiarized myself with the Radical Accountability Council Charter *
I am in good standing with the community. I have not been required to leave an event and am not aware of any allegations against me for conduct which violates community standards. *
Write Yes if true. Otherwise please explain any event ejection or any other allegations of which you are aware.
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