S.A.F. Solo Registration
Any student taking formal private lessons on an instrument or voice is invited to participate in the Spring Arts Festival. Interested students may perform one repertoire piece of their choosing (with private instructor approval) for their music class the week of May 1-5. If a student requires accompaniment, a pianist must be provided by the student. Recorded accompaniments are not permitted for this event.

Parents, guests, and private instructors are welcome to attend their student’s music class that day. Days and times are listed below. To ensure that you see your student perform, please arrive prior to the beginning of class.

K-B Wed 8:50 K-G Mon 9:35 K-M Mon 12:35 K-P Tues 9:35
1-B Thurs 11:05 1-Ca Fri 11:05 1-Co Fri 11:05
2-H Mon 8:50 2-S Thrs 9:35
3-M Wed 10:20 3-K Fri 10:20
4-G Thrs8:50 4-W Fri 8:50
5-D Tues 11:50 5-Harig Mon 11:50
6-Hoar Wed 11:50 6-Hollstegge Fri 11:50
7-A Mon 10:20 7-G Thrs 10:20
8-O Wed 8:05 8-S Mon 8:05

Please complete the following form for each student participating. Registration will close on Thursday, April 27 at 2:05pm. Late registrations cannot be accepted.

For questions, please contact Mrs. Zinck (mzinck@mtces.org).

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