Castle View High School Student Government Application
Dear Students/Parents:
Attached is an application form for the 2019-2020 Castle View High School Student Government. Please make sure all components of the application are completed and submitted no later than Thursday, April 11, 2019

Application Components:

1. Application Form:
Please complete the entire application form below and submit it.

2. Personal Letter:
In a Google Document, shared with Mr. Sutterer, describe yourself, and how you have demonstrated leadership qualities in a variety of situations. Also discuss what you would like to accomplish in Student Government, what unique skills and abilities you would bring, and why you wish to be a part of Student Government at Castle View. Finally, List previous and current activities (both in and out of school) in which you have participated. Indicate the years or grade levels of your participation. Also include activities in which you plan to participate at CV.

3. Teacher Recommendations:
Select three current or former teachers to complete recommendations on your behalf. Contact them and give them the link to recommendation form.
Teachers may access the form at:

Teacher recommendations are confidential and will be submitted directly to Mr. Sutterer at CVHS.

Submit the application and personal letter no later than Thursday, April 11. No late or incomplete applications will be accepted. Please follow up with your chosen teachers to make sure they have submitted their recommendations by Thursday, April 11 as well.

Robert Sutterer
Castle View Student Government

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Teacher Recommendations
Please select three teachers to complete recommendations for you. Inform them that they may access the recommendation form at this site: List the last name of each teacher you will ask.
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