Think Big Wedgwood : Action Group
New Member Sign Up Form & Community Guidelines

Welcome new members, this form will help you understand our mission, goals, and for you to sign up to participate in actions in Wedgwood, Maple Leaf, Roosevelt or any North Seattle neighborhood. Thanks for being here.

If you have multiple members in your household who want to join, please have them fill this out on their own. Children are welcome to participate and also fill out the form. We intend to be inclusive of all ages.
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What North Seattle neighborhood do you live in? *
Have you read the Community Guidelines? *
We are forming committees and invite you to join one of them. Here are the committees, please pick as many committees you would be interested in joining. You will not have to serve on them all. We will finalize the committees once we assess the level of interest. *
What other ideas for committees do you have?
Can you come to a weekly meeting for 2hrs? Either via Zoom or In-Person?
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Can you donate $$ to the group's actions & events in addition to time?
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Are you black, indigenous or person of color and want to be on the Advisory Board or Leadership Team, or both? Advisory board would mean that we consult with you before each action and ask for guidance on our action.(no time commitment other than replying to emails with your opinion) Leadership team would require weekly meeting attendance.
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Do you support & understand (or are learning about) what DEFUND SPD means?
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If you are unable to join a committee, are you willing to do small tasks for any of the committees as needed when assigned such as printing, mailing, other errands etc
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Whats your full name?
What's your phone number for texting about meetings/locations etc?
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