Heart Health - Quiz
Please complete this quiz after watching the online workshop "Heart Health" at https://teamchiro.com/workshops-raleigh/heart-health-workshop/
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Heart disease in not felt until _____ to _____ years after you have it. *
The first sign of heart disease for many is _____. *
Heart disease is becoming more prevalent in younger generations every year. *
What is the world's number one death-causing disease? *
Please select ONE of the early warning signs of a heart attack. *
If experiencing any early warning signs of a heart attack, one should take __________ and call 911. *
A symptom such as high blood pressure can be an early warning sign for ____________________. *
Heart disease in normal with aging. *
__________ is caused by subluxation, medications, sugar, grains, toxicity, and stress. This can cause increased blood pressure. *
The nerves that exit from _____ control the heart. *
The number one deficiency is caused by decreased nerve flow due to _______________. *
You must have _____ % compression to feel a pinched nerve. *
Forward head posture and taking medications are the two most common ways people adapt to __________. *
We must get adjustments weekly until our x-rays are corrected. *
The majority of people think they are healthy because they don't have any _______________. *
Choose the two causes of sickness & diseases.
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