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There are many variables that contribute to a dog successfully becoming a service dog including training, environment, health, socialization, random experiences and health. As such, no person or organization can ever guarantee that a dog will make it all the way through training and become a successful working dog.  However, all our Service Dog Prospects are dogs that we believe have the traits that are ideal in service dog. All parents of service dog prospects have also have extensive health testing such as OFA elbows, OFA hips and/or PennHip, genetic clearances suitable for their breed, heart and eye clearances. All dogs sold as service dog prospects have all had: early neurological stimulation as puppies; been carefully and extensively socialized to a wide range of people, noises and objects; had positive experiences with other dogs and cats; received daily body handling and frequent massages; had weekly nail trimmings in a positive way; been trained using positive reinforcement; and have the foundations of basic obedience, focus, crate training and house training. Diggity Dogs Service Dog Prospects are usually Labrador Retrievers or Golden Retrievers and can be anywhere from eight weeks old to eight months old.
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The cost of adopting a Diggity Dogs Service Dog Prospect ranges from $2,500 to $5000.  The cost varies depending on the dog's age and training. Are you able to afford this fee?  (We do not do payment plans for dog purchases.) *
When are you hoping to get a service dog prospect?  (Please describe any time constraints you may have.) *
Who is in your household? What are their ages? *
What are you looking for in a dog? Please be as specific and detailed as possible. *
Has anyone in your household experienced dog related allergies/asthma? If yes, please explain. *
How many hours a day will the dog be left alone? Please explain. *
What is the plan for the dog when they are not with you? (All Diggity Dogs are crate trained.) *
What type of dwelling do you live in? *
Do you have a yard? Is it fenced? If you don't have a yard where will you walk the dog? *
Have you ever had a dog(s) before? Tell us about them and any relevant health information. If deceased, what was the cause of death? *
What animals do you have now or anticipate having in the near future? Please include as many details as possible including: age, breed, sex, spayed/neutered, where you acquired the animal, how long they have been with you, temperament, & whether or not they have been exposed to dogs. *
How often are your animals vaccinated? *
How often does your other pet(s) visit the veterinarian? *
Have you ever had to surrender a pet? If so, please give as many details as possible. *
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Do you have children in your home? *
Are you looking for a high energy or low energy dog? *
How often will your dog be exercised? *
How do you plan to meet a dog's exercise needs? *
If the dog becomes ill or injured are you financially prepared to provide the needed medical care? *
Do you intend to have health insurance for your dog? *
How soon would you like to purchase a service dog prospect? *
Are you prepared to care for this dog for the rest of their life knowing dogs often live 10-16 years? *
Any additional information you would like us to have while making this decision?
What disability(s) are you seeking to train your dog to assist with? *
What tasks would you like to train the dog to perform? *
All adopters of service dog prospects are required to have selected and arranged a trainer to work with upon receiving your dog.  Have you selected a trainer to work with?  If so, please tell us which trainer you intend to work with, their contact details and what your general training plans are. *
Do you have any dog training experience?  (Not required.)  If so, please briefly describe the methodology you utilized and the behaviors you have trained. *
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