Lockdown Term 3 2021
Please submit feedback regarding the latest lockdown, and how we can keep on improving in this area for the learning of our students. In these times, it is important to be able to reach out to others. Please ensure your mobile numbers, email addresses or contact information is up to date at the kura. Students, families and teachers may fill this form out.
A snap lockdown caught a lot of families by surprise. Did you feel like you had enough support from the school? *
What was useful for you personally or for your whanau, from this lockdown? *
What would have made the lockdown experience better in your household? Choose the boxes you think are important. *
Some families can be hit hard during lockdown periods. Do you think lockdowns should focus on the well-being of the family, the educational outcomes of the students, or learning around the home? *
Did you have access to the learning material from the school? *
Did your household participate in the online classes held by most of the Broadwood Area School staff? *
What would make the online experiences better? *
Out of the next five options, what is most important to you when the school restarts at level 2 on Thursday. (Please note, they are all important, we would like to know what you think is the most important right now). *
1 - Most Important
2 - Important
3 - Somewhat important
4 - Less important
5 - Least important
Health of Broadwood Area School
Learning outcomes at Broadwood Area School
Morale (Happiness) at Broadwood Area School
Celebrating learning with whanau at school
Improving community connections / citizenship
Thank you for your feedback.
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