The Learning Connection @ Colleton County Middle School
At The Learning Connection, we believe that the learning we do today enables us to lead and leave legacies that will change the world. “Learning, Leading, Leaving a Legacy” is the motto for The Learning Connection at CCMS because we believe that students are our hope for the present and the future. We will help them grow to be agents of change and to meet the Profile of the S.C. graduate with critical thinking, effective communication, and collaboration skills they gain through The Learning Connection.

The Learning Connection at Colleton County Middle School will work towards achieving a balance among its students that is reflective of the general population of Colleton County Middle School by implementing the policies as stated below.

In order to attract informed applicants who are committed to the school program and philosophy, all parents who desire to enroll their child at TLC@CCMS will be required to attend at least ONE Parent Information Meeting.

All students applying to TLC@CCMS will also be required to:
1) attend a Connect Day prior to the start of the school year and
2) submit a completed application packet (see application for requirements you need to meet in order to complete an application).

Regarding who can apply to TLC@CCMS, preference for enrollment will be given in the following order:
-Students who reside in Colleton County School District.
-Students whose parents are employed by Colleton County School District but do not reside in Colleton County School District.

Enrollment Lottery
In order to ensure equity and fairness, TLC@CCMS students will be selected by lottery at the end of the application period.

The procedure for the lottery will be as follows:

a. The lottery will include only students whose residence makes them Colleton County School District students or if the
parent of the student is an employee of Colleton County School District.
b. Twins/triplets/etc. are all accepted if one is drawn.
d. The lottery will be held at Colleton County Middle School and overseen by a district employee.
g. Selection will continue until 275 applicants have been chosen. The 275th student selected (and beyond) will go on our
waiting list in the order they are drawn. This waiting list will stay in force throughout the student’s three years in middle
school unless the parent requests that their name be removed.
h. Waiting list students will be notified (in the order they fall on the waiting list) by phone if a seat becomes available.
Should they choose not to take the seat, their name will be removed from the waiting list and we will call the next
student on the waiting list and so on until all of the seats are filled.

Please do not call the school office for lottery results. The list of students selected in the lottery will be posted on the front doors of the Administration Building and on the TLC@CCMS website on Letters will also be sent home notifying all applicants of their status.

Open enrollment for TLC@CCMS ends on May 15, 2018.

Should you change your mind about attending TLC@CCMS, you must notify us prior to that date. We will send the names of the applicants to the District Office after the lottery to let them know which applicants are going to be students at TLC@CCMS.

Students may continue to apply and will be accepted or placed at the bottom of the waiting list, following those students who applied during the open enrollment period.

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