Techthusiast "Click to Win" Newsletter Product Submission Form
Thank you for your interest in submitting a product for the Techthusiast "Countdown to Black Friday" Newsletter Series.

Please read the instructions below carefully.


The Newsletter will be sent to 15,000+ members of the getgeeked community each Tuesday between November 5, 2019, and November 26, 2019.

Each newsletter will feature no less than five products and no more than ten products.

Each product listing includes the following:

1. Product Photo
2. Company Logo
3. Brief Product Description
4. Retail Price
5. Discount Code
6. Link to Purchase

To see a sample listing, go to


There is an initial fee of $49.99 to list a product in the newsletter.

There is a $6.00 fee for each click on the link you provide to take newsletter recipients to a webpage where they can purchase your product.

If you provide a product for a giveaway, the $6.00 "click fee" is reduced to just $3.00 per click.

Newsletter recipients who click on the link you provide will be eligible to win. getgeeked Media will select winners at random and collect shipping information but companies will be responsible for shipping products to the winners.

Companies are encouraged to couple their submission with a giveaway to create an incentive for newsletter recipients to click on the link you provide.

Companies are strongly encouraged to offer a discount as well, but it is not required.

All invoices must be paid within 15 days of the date the newsletter is published.


To submit a product, simply fill out this form and email a product photo and company logo in JPEG or PNG format to

IMPORTANT - Please name your product photo and logo files according to the example below with your company name at the beginning.

Product Photo - "COMPANY_ProductName"
Company Logo - "COMPANY_Logo"

We will create the image for your listing.

Listings are available strictly on a first-come, first-serve basis based on the time stamp from this form.

If you have any questions, please email
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1. Please list your company name. *
2. Please list your First and Last Name *
3. Please list the exact name of the product below. This will be included in your listing exactly as inputted here. *
4. Please provide a ~50-word description of the product to be featured in the newsletter. *
5. What is the normal retail price of the product? *
6. Please provide the precise details of the special offer for getgeeked members, including the EXACT DISCOUNT CODE newsletter recipients will need to use to get the discount (e.g., "Use code GETGEEKED for 25% off and free shipping"). *
Special offers are not required to participate, but will, of course, increase the likelihood of success.
7. Please provide a link to a webpage where the product can be purchased. Only links directly to pages where the product can be purchased are allowed. *
8. Please tell us which newsletter you would like to be featured in. You may select more than one. *
Special Offer Newsletters are sent on Tuesdays mornings EST.
9. How many products for giveaways would you like to include with your listing? *
Newsletter recipients will have to click on your link to be eligible to win your product.
10. Please confirm a product photo and company logo in PNG or JPG format has been emailed to *
11. By submitting this form you agree to all the conditions for participating in the newsletter as explained above. *
12. Please use the space below to provide any additional information you think would be useful.
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