Techthusiast "Special Offers" Newsletter Overview and Product Submission Form
Thank you for your interest in being part of the Techthusiast "Special Offers" Newsletter program.

Bi-monthly Special Offer Newsletters are sent to 18,000+ getgeeked Members. You can find more information about our members at


There is a flat fee of $49.99 to include a product. If a newsletter achieves an open rate of more than 20%, the flat fee increases to $89.99.

There is an additional $8 fee per click on your link, however if you provide a product for a giveaway, the additional "click fee" will be decreased to $4 per click. Only newsletter recipients who click on your link will be eligible to win your product.

Invoices will be sent via Freshbooks and must be paid within 15 days of publication.


Each newsletter will feature no less than five products and no more than eight products. Your listing will include the following:

1. Product Photo
2. Company Logo
3. Product Description
4. Retail Price
5. Discount Details
6. Link to Purchase

Product photos and logos can be uploaded at or emailed to

IMPORTANT - Please put your company name at the beginning of the files you upload or send:

Product Photo - "COMPANY_Product Name"
Company Logo - "COMPANY_Logo"

We will create the image for your listing, however, if you prefer to create it yourself, it should be 700x500 and include both your product photo and company logo.

To view an example of a Special Offers Newsletter, go to

Listings are available strictly on a first come, first serve basis based on the time stamp from this form. To submit a product, simply fill out the form below.

Please email if you have any questions.

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6. Please provide the precise details of the special offer for getgeeked members, including any coupon codes, etc. if required (e.g., "Use code GETGEEKED for 25% off and free shipping"). *
Special offers are not required to participate, but will, of course, increase the likelihood of success.
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Special Offer Newsletters are sent on Tuesdays.
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