Call for Applicants for Conservation Planning
O'ahu RC&D is a 501c3 non-profit that promotes the wise stewardship of our island resources. We provide conservation planning services and technical assistance to farmers and landowners throughout Hawai'i on ways to improve management of natural resources such as soil, water, air, etc. Conservation plans are strategic plans developed for your property that map your property and provide strategic recommendations on how to manage the natural resources found on your property. Approved conservation plans may be eligible for an exclusion to local grading/grubbing ordinances and may assist in qualifying for cost-share/grant assistance.
Have you ever developed a conservation plan for your land before? *
Is the property you would like to develop a conservation plan for located on O'ahu? *
How many years of farming experience do you have? *
As an agriculture & conservation non-profit, we offer fee-for-service conservation planning services. For a limited time, we have grant funds that may significantly decrease the cost. Are you interested in pursuing these opportunities? *
O'ahu RC&D recently created a new, online conservation planning tool called 808 Planner ( This website helps you learn more about conservation practices/best management practices to conserve natural resources specific to your property. Would you be interested in developing a conservation plan using 808 Planner to develop a conservation plan? If yes, you may be eligible for up to $1000 off the price of the plan. *
After developing a conservation plan with O'ahu RC&D, would you be willing to have O'ahu RC&D monitor your progress after 6 months and provide additional technical assistance on your land? If yes, you may be eligible for $200 off the cost of your conservation plan. *
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