2019 Anthem GO Outside Festival Exhibitor Application
GO Fest Exhibitors show the spirit of GO Fest by supporting human-powered outdoor recreation and/or outdoor education as part of their organization’s core purpose.

Apply by August 1st to secure our Early Bird price. The fee increases after that, as does the competitiveness of available space. We typically sell out of all 190 vendor spaces months before the event.

We may not be able to consider applications submitted after October 4th.

Optional, but encouraged: Vendors should offer an on-site activity that is directly related to the spirit of GO Fest (see above).

Application/Approval Process
- Exhibitor applications will be reviewed and approved or denied by the committee within 14 days.
- Once approved, exhibitors have 14 business days to provide payment.
- Once payment has been deposited, it is non-refundable.
- Checks provided prior to July 1 will be held in our safe to be deposited during the same fiscal year as the festival (after July 1).

Organization/Business Name *
This will be used on the GO Fest online schedule as well as any other pertinent publications, please ensure it is listed as you'd like to see it at the festival.
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Main Contact Name *
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Main Contact Email Address *
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Main Contact Day Phone *
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Organization/Business Address *
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Do you know who will be representing your organization onsite during the festival? *
This will be our "Go-to" person in the event we need to be in touch with you at the festival. If this changes at any point during the lead-up to the festival, please let us know so we can update our records.
On-site Representative's Name
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On-site Representative's Email Address
He/She and the Main contact will receive pre-festival information in the weeks leading up to the event.
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On-site Representative's Mobile Phone
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Which category best describes your organization/business? *
Provide a detailed description of your exhibit, including your display, merchandise (if applicable), equipment (including private silent generator): *
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Will you remain open during live music in the evening?
How many years have you attended the festival as a vendor (not including 2019)? *
Have you been communicating with anyone from the GO Fest team? *
If yes, please tell us their name. Otherwise type "no".
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Fees, DISCOUNTS & Waiver
Fees and Charges *
The standard sized space for all approved exhibitors is 10' x 10'.
Discount Options
You may apply for any or all of the discounts below, so long as your organization meets the criteria. These discounts are subject to approval. Example: A non-profit club providing an activity would select ALL THREE options for a total fee of $50. If you check the "Activity Discount" box, please make sure to fill out all of the questions in the "Exhibitor Activity Application" below.
Exhibitor Guidelines - UPDATED! *
Exhibitor Guidelines have been updated for 2019 and are provided on Roanokegofest.com. By submitting this application, you agree that you will read and agree to the requirements described. GO Fest cannot prevent and is not responsible for mistakes or misunderstandings that can be prevented by understanding the Exhibitor Guidelines. Please take time to read them before submitting this application. If you have any questions, please contact the Vendor Coordinator.
Indemnification *
The applicant hereby applies to occupy exhibitor space for the event described in this document and on any additional attachments. Applicant(s) agrees to be responsible for and pay, indemnify and hold harmless the City of Roanoke, its officers, officials, agents, employees, and volunteers against any and all loss, cost, or expense, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, resulting from any claim or legal action of any nature whatsoever that may arise against the City in connection with the event or in connection with any of the rights and privileges granted by the City the Applicant(s) and assign to the City of Roanoke, its nominees and agents, permission to use, publish and republish for purposes of advertising and trade such use as the City may determine, information and reproductions of my likeness (photographic or otherwise) with or without identification of me by name.
Exhibitor Activity Application
This section of the application is for exhibitors wishing to offer a free activity for festival goers. All activities must be approved by the committee before the discount will be awarded. Approved activities, meet the following minimum requirements:
- It fits the spirit of the festival
- It occurs multiple times throughout the festival
- It is free for participants
- It does not directly sell a product
- It does not duplicate another exhibitor’s activity
Which category best fits your activity?
What activity will you be providing?
Please give a detailed description.
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When and how frequently will this activity be taking place?
Activities must be offered more then once to be considered for the activity discount.
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Where will this activity be taking place
If on-site, describe your set-up including space requirements, equipment being use, and any special requirements from the festival. Specify if extra space is needed during the entire festival or just during activity times.
Please note: There is a $100 charge for electricity and you must provide all your equipment needs including extension cords and fencing.
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If off-site, where will you be meeting participants? Will you be providing transportation and/or directions to meeting location? Are there any special instructions for your participants?
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Do you have any other important details about your activity?
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