Mentor Application
Mentors will be assisting hackers with problems, ideation, feedback or anything really throughout the day. We want to create a collaborative relationship between the hackers and the graduate student mentors during the event. Mentors will receive the full benefits of being at the hackathon--including specialized swag and access to workshops, tech talks, and companies.

Contact with any questions.

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You don't have to be available all day! Hacking starts at 11 am on Saturday, September 14th and ends at 11am on Sunday, September 15th. Hackers will be requesting assistance using a help queue, so you can commit as much or as little as you'd like. Checking these times means you're making a soft commitment to be mentoring at the event then -- we need you!
Are you available Sunday, September 15th to judge? *
Judges need to be at Johnson Ice Rink at 10 am. We'll be using a pairwise-comparison judging system, and you'll get to talk with hackers about their projects!
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What problems are you interested in?
For example, civic tech, healthcare, VR/AR, media, entrepreneurship, flat UI...
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