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1. What best describes your current relationship with Chisholm Public Schools? (Select only one) *
2. Please select your child's school site. If you have more than one child, only select one site.
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3. The school staff collaborates and communicates well with families.
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4. I know what my child's teacher expects of my child
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5. I participate in my student(s) parent/teacher conferences.
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6. The school meets the academic needs of my student and other students. *
7. In a typical year (non pandemic), how many hours do you volunteer at your student(s) school-related activities (during/after school)? *
8. On an average in a typical year (non pandemic), how often do you visit your student(s) school per semester (not including drop-off/pick-up)? *
9. The school staff collaborates and communicates well with community members. *
10. I receive regular communications about school events and parent conferences. *
11. I feel comfortable communicating with my child's teacher(s). *
12. I feel comfortable communicating with my school's office and administration. *
13. Communication from the school is timely and in a format/language I can easily understand. *
14. I prefer to receive information from my school by (Please check all that apply): *
15. As a community member, would you be interested in learning about opportunities to volunteer for our school? *
16. Volunteer - If you marked yes to the previous question, please provide your name and contact information. A district representative will contact you at the beginning of next school year.
17. Our schools involve families and the community in the decision-making process *
18. In the past year, I have attended at least one school-sponsored event. *
19. I feel welcomed at school sites. *
20. I feel the district/school values my input. *
21. Our schools are graduating students who are prepared for higher education or the workforce. *
22. I visit the district website,, at least once per month. *
23. Do you have any final suggestions or ideas to improve our district or your child's school? *
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